A Complete Guide to Access & Save iCloud Photos on Mac​
a complete guide to access icloud photos on mac

A Complete Guide to Access & Save iCloud Photos on Mac​

Mac, a product of a technological giant Apple was introduced twelve years later after the company itself was founded by its founder Steve Jobs. Before actually going in the entire process of accessing icloud photos on Mac it becomes essential to talk a little about the parent company and the market response it has been garnering.


Apple Inc. an American multinational technology company headquartered in California, the United States was founded on 1 April 1976 was a joint effort by the three founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The company designs, develops and sells varied consumer electronic products, computer, and multiple online services. It is rightly considered one of the big four among the other three Amazon, Google, and Facebook. The brand landed in the Indian market to make its massive presence felt in 2007 with the iPhone as one of its first product introduced to the public. The response was so good for the brand among the Indian users that thereafter there was no looking back and the product range increased from mobiles to iPads to iPods, Apple tv and watches. Great customer service and in-store experience, easy to access technology, great, and high-quality products are just a few of the various reasons that soared the demand for Apple products and went on to become the world’s first trillion dollar company as recorded on August 2, 2018.


Mac OS, the operating system, an Apple range was developed in 1984 primarily to enable the functioning of the company’s range of personal computers. using the graphical user interface technology, built-in screen, and mouse.

Now in order to proceed with the concerned topic of accessing the icloud photos on mac, a little introductory discussion of iCloud email login and its relevance to the storage of pictures and important data becomes pertinent.


Cloud storage and cloud computing service, Icloud  from Apple Inc. is an added value feature for the Apple users launched on October 12, 2011. The icloud photo library is like a storehouse for carrying out tasks like browsing, searching and sharing the photos and videos from any device to any other Apple affiliated device. A lot of space is saved on the user’s device, all the original full resolution photos are automatically uploaded to icloud which can be anytime downloaded in the user’s Apple device in the future. The icloud feature acts as a huge backup for your Apple device, as all the important data be it your photos, messages, videos, contacts all that is connected to it are stored for future reference if the device gets misplaced or stolen. The 2-factor authentication ensures the extra layer of security through which only the user can access his account or can be accessed on the devices of the user’s choice and trust, for instance, iPad, iPhone or Mac. Talking of the storage capacity icloud offers a free 5GB storage which can be updated anytime suiting the needs and pocket of the user. The next storage capacity is up to 50GB costing rs 75 per month, for more storage capacity user can also store data of 200GB costing rs 219 per month. The largest storage capacity that icloud offers are 2TB costing rs 749 per month.


Now let us indulge in the procedure of how to access icloud photos on mac. This can be done through 3 ways that are mentioned in detail below.

Enable the iCloud Photo Sharing Option For Easily Access

Enable-the-icloud-photo-sharing-option-to-easily-access-it-later A Complete Guide to Access & Save iCloud Photos on Mac​

Before we actually talk about the ways for easy access of iCloud photos on mac it becomes imperative to enable the “Photo Stream” option in the ios device. To do so look for the “Settings” menu in your ios device and select “iCloud” option. From the resulting screen thereafter click “Photos” and turn on the “My Photo Stream” the middle option amongst the three shown to let your device’s photos be automatically uploaded here for future reference.

iPhoto:​ iCloud Photo Access on Mac Made Easier

Once the icloud photo sharing option is enabled, your photos have started syncing to the icloud backup option.These photos can be easily accessed using Apple’s iPhoto. Read on to learn the exact way to use iPhoto to view your photos.


  • On the left corner of the Application, taskbar click “iphoto”, thereafter from the drop-down menu select “Preferences”.
  • On the Navigation bar click the iCloud tab and look for the box on the left of “My Photo Stream”.
  • On the left side of the Application window select ”iCloud”. This particular step would enable the direct inclusion of any photo that is added in iPhoto to iCloud and to My Photo Stream.


Furthermore, any photos added by the user to My Photo Stream through their iOs device will automatically be included in the iPhoto library. As a word of caution, if the Photo Stream option is disabled on the iPhoto will deprive the user’s access to any of those photos through the medium of iPhoto.

Access iCloud Photos on MAC Using Finder Smart Folder Option​​

Yet another way to have easy access to your iCloud photos on your MAC desktop is through Finder application. Finder is an Apple iOs application that enables easy access to the contents of user’s MAC, iCloud drive and other such Apple storage devices. To learn the procedure to access the photos through this application, read on!


  1. Open the “Finder” application on the MAC desktop.
  2. In order to reach the “Go to folder “ on the application, click command, shift and G altogether.
  3. Once the folder opens, paste the text:” ~/Library/Application Support/iLifeAssetManagement/assets/sub” and thereafter click “Enter” to proceed.
  4. To open a new search interface click “F” and “Command” at the same time.
  5. On the next window at the topmost left corner under the “Search” tab click on “Sub”.
  6. On the drop-down menu next to “Search” alter the type to “Image”.On the next drop-down menu that will eventually appear in the process, change the image type to “JPEG” in order to easily view the images on the window.
  7. Finish the process by clicking on the “Save” button and as would be asked to save your folder with an appropriate name you like.

iCloud users should pay heed to the importance of regularly clearing the unwanted junk photos or videos that would no longer be needed anytime in the future. This particular job becomes much easier with the Apple smart scanning tool “Clean My Mac” Utilizing this would help the users to keep the photos or any sort of important data for that matter intact without unnecessarily stuffing the iCloud space. You would never want to pay for extra storage to keep trash in your device. Be smart in keeping your important data intact and pay for the extra storage only to keep the data that matters to you!


Hope our motto to help our users with the question of how to access iCloud photos on MAC fulfills through this technical write up. Stay an informed and smart Apple user and use the provided features and advantages by the brand to your utmost benefit.


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