An Easy & Quick Guide to Access iCloud Photos on Windows PC
quick quide to access icould photos on windows pc

An Easy & Quick Guide to Access iCloud Photos on Windows PC

Apple Inc. an American multinational technology company, headquartered in California was a joint effort by its founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded on April 1, 1976. It is rightly considered as one of the big four of technology amongst Facebook, Amazon, and Google. The company sells a huge range of Apple compatible products such as mobiles, iPads, iPods, Apple tv, watches including the application software, accessories, and services through their retail and online outlets. This hardware and software company has made its strong mark in the market owing to its innovative, customer friendly, easy to access products and great marketing strategies. The brand is well known to share the same operating system software and applications throughout its product line as iPhone, and mac. Mac OS, the operating system, an Apple range developed in 1984  enables the functioning of the company’s range of personal computers. using the graphical user interface technology, built-in screen, and mouse. It is the company’s range of desktop and portable personal computers that function on the Mac OS operating system.

How to access Icloud photos on pc is the service that our article is primarily concerned with is one of the most prominent features provided by the brand. The service was launched on October 12, 2011. iCloud is basically cloud storage and cloud computing service. In simple words, a storehouse and backup for all the data that the ios users put in their devices & data. The service provides a free 5 GB storage capacity after which a user has to monthly pay for extra storage, for instance, rs 75 for 50GB, rs 219 for 200GB and rs 749for 2TB, the maximum storage the company provides for the users.


The icloud files or photos can be accessed through “Finder app” on the mac device by Apple, “Files app” on ios and “File Explorer “ or for Windows PCs. Avoid stuffing the icloud space unnecessarily with the unwanted data that you no longer require. However, the icloud service provides you 30 days time period to retrieve any deleted data if in case you inadvertently end up deleting something of your use.

 Let us have a quick stepwise procedure to access iCloud photos on PC (windows)


Setup iCloud Photo Library To Access iCloud Photos on PC

installation-and-setting-up-of-photo-library-icloud An Easy & Quick Guide to Access iCloud Photos on Windows PC
For an advanced, in-depth experience of Apple services, using iOs and MAC devices benefits the users. However, some basic Apple services can also be availed on Windows PCs. One such is access iCloud photos on pc windows library ! For that, you need to know your Apple id and Password or icloud email login credentials then install the Icloud for your windows pc. Before penning down the way to access icloud photos on pc, it is important to understand the procedure to set up the icloud photo library feature on your pc.

  1. Download the iCloud application for your Windows Pc.
  2. Once installed on your Windows PC, sign in using the same id password that you have been using in your Apple device.
  3. Now amongst the options choose ‘Photos” to sync in your PC and proceed the process by clicking on “Apply”.
  4. Now for fast and easy icloud pictures access add the iCloud to file explorer “Quick Access Panel”, look for the iCloud folder in the file explorer and right click on it to select “Pin To Quick Access” and you are done with the process!
  5. This way would aid the users to access icloud photos on pc using the icloud photo library feature once installed in the system!

Another alternative way of accessing the iCloud photos on your PC is through the website read on!

Accessing iCloud Photos on PC Directly Through Official Website

Accessing-the-iCloud-Photo An Easy & Quick Guide to Access iCloud Photos on Windows PC

To try this alternate and easy way to access icloud photos on Windows PC go the website way! Continue reading to understand this easy procedure.

  1. Open the browser and open the iCloud service website by typing
  2. To enter the main interface, type the Apple id and password in the provided fields.
  3. Now to access the iCloud photo library click on “Photos” and then choose “All Photos” to directly view the iCloud pictures on your PC.

These above-mentioned ways help you to easily access the iCloud photos and videos on your personal windows computer. Uploading the data in your computer helps to save it for the future and you can then go on to delete it in your drive thus creating space for more data to be stored in it.

Download iCloud For Windows

Once you are proficient with the exact way to access icloud photos on pc, you would be able to enjoy so many benefits as then the user doesn’t have to necessarily carry his/hr Apple device be it iPhone or iPad, as once the photos synced on your pc can be edited, deleted or accessed anytime through the icloud photo library feature. All the changes done on the photo through the personal computer can later be seen in all other Apple devices used by the user. Apple Inc. products are quite pricey, offering meager discounts but its innovative and good quality products offering unique features genuinely justifies its price range. Hope the motto of the article to inform the readers about the easy access of icloud photos on PC gets fulfilled and the users get benefitted through this short writeup. For all the tech savvy people out there, keep checking out this space for more such technology related articles.


Keep creating memories with the iCloud photo library feature through the comfort of your pc.



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