How to Delete iCloud Account & Remove From iOS
How to Delete iCloud Account & Remove From iOS

How to Delete iCloud Account & Remove From iOS

A Helpful Guide to Delete an iCloud Account Without Password

Apple Inc. a multinational technology brand headquartered in California. The United States was founded on April 1, 1976, by the combined efforts of its three founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Innovative, customer friendly, easy to access products and great marketing strategies are some of the many reasons that have fetched a good market share for the brand. The company sells a huge range of hardware products such as iPhone mobiles, iPads, iPods, Apple tv, watches including the application software, accessories, and services through their retail and online outlets.

Icloud, one of the beneficial features that the brand provides and the topic of our article has simplified the user’s access to their Apple devices. With this feature enabled in your device, you can access your data anywhere on any Apple enabled device or a regular Windows computer with the only prerequisites being a steady internet connection and Apple login id and password. Any data or a folder that you save in the cloud gets automatically synced to the users’ other Apple devices.  Now talking about the factor that concerns a user the most, the storage capacity! Icloud service provides a free 5 GB icloud storage capacity after which a user has to monthly pay for extra storage, as rs 75 for 50GB, rs 219 for 200GB and rs 749 for 2TB, the maximum storage capacity the company provides. This device has thus got so much embedded in the users’ day to day working on their iOs devices. However, a user might feel the need to delete his /her iCloud account due to reasons as:

  • In case of reselling their device.
  • If the same Apple id has been shared with peers or family members.
  • If ever logged into business organization’s iCloud account and wish to use it for personal use instead.
  • If the user’s email id is attached to the iCloud account no longer exists or has expired.

If you too face any of the issues cited above or still something else that makes you want to delete your iCloud account, this article is worth your time!

Remove iCloud Account from Your iPhone or iPad

Follow the easy to perform steps in order to remove your iCloud account from your iPhone device or iPad.

For ios10.3 or later versions

  • On your device go to the “Settings” menu and open the iCloud account with your name on it.
  • On the iCloud account screen, scroll down and tap on the “Sign Out” option.
  • Now fill in your Apple id as asked an click on “Turn Off”.
  • Now ensure that switch next to the data you want to keep on your device is turned on.
  • Click on “Sign out” twice and finish the procedure to remove and do away with your old iCloud account.

For ios10.2 and versions before that

  • On your device go to the “Settings” menu and open the iCloud account with your name on it.
  • On the iCloud account screen, scroll down and tap on the “Sign Out” option.
  • In this step, you need to click on “Sign out” yet again.
  • Now click on “Delete from my iPhone” option. Thereafter click on keep or delete for data including contacts, calendars, reminders and safari data.
  • As a last step of the process, enter your Apple id password and click on “Turn off”.

Remove icloud account from your Mac computer.

Follow the easy to perform steps in order to remove your iCloud account from your Mac computer. Read on!

  • On your Mac computer device go to the Apple menu and select “System Preferences”.
  • Tap on the iCloud option.
  • On the bottom left corner of the screen, locate the option of “Sign out”.Click it and proceed.
  • If you wish to keep some of your data from your iCloud drive, calendars, contacts or reminders, make sure that the checkbox next to them is selected.
  • As a next step in the procedure, click on “Keep a copy” and proceed.
  • As the last step towards the finish of the process, press “Keep on this mac” if you wish to keep safari password on mac.

Facts worth making note of before deleting your icloud account from your iphone/ipad or mac computer

  • Once you delete your iCloud account from your device you will automatically be logged out of all the applications as the App store, messages and face time you had downloaded on it. To use those services download them on your new iCloud account.
  • Before deleting your iCloud account from all the Apple devices you use, make sure to backup all the important data that you may require in future.
  • To avail other services like Apple Pay,iCloud Keychain, Game Center, Find my iPhone.To avail these service, the user needs to sign up from the other iCloud account.
  • Before deleting your iCloud account be sure to check if your photo stream photos are saved in your camera roll (If you require those photos and do not want to lose them!).Be sure to check such details before deleting the account.

Now that after deleting the old one , ensure that your new icloud account is secure and keeps your private information intact!

iCloud is one such space wherein a user stores all of his/her private and confidential information. You would least expect it to be intruded and misused. We have penned down the ways to keep your account secure. Read on!

  • Create a strong password and not an easy relateable one!: Ensure that you create a strong password combining capital letters and numerics. Since easy relateable passwords consisting of birth dates, your name makes it easy for hackers to invade it.
  • Make use two step verification at the time of signing in!: As a step forward towards ensuring the safety of your iCloud data, set up a two-step verification at the time of into your Apple ID account. This can be done by following the chain of Manage your Apple ID>Password and Security>Two step verification, after which you need to follow the onscreen instructions to activate the two-step verification.
  • Turn off the feature of “Find my iPhone”: The feature of “Find my iPhone” has been one of the prime reason that gives hackers easy access to the user’s private information. Deactivate this feature to keep your data from any possible hack.

Hop the article comes to your best use in answering the question of deleting the iCloud account without the password. For more assistance on the same, it is best to contact the Apple professionals by logging on to their official website or writing a mail on the same.

Feel free to suggest any topics that you would want us to write in for you and keep reading this space for more such helpful tech related writeups!

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