Learn The Easy Procedure To Download iCloud On Your Windows Computer
learn the easy procedure to download icloud on your windows computer

Learn The Easy Procedure To Download iCloud On Your Windows Computer

Apple Inc. a multinational technology brand headquartered in California, The United States was founded on April 1, 1976, by the combined efforts of its three founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Icloud, one of the beneficial features that the brand provides in its products and the topic of our article, has simplified the user’s access to their Apple devices. With this feature enabled on your device, you can access icloud photos on pc anywhere on any Apple enabled device or a regular Windows computer with the only prerequisite being a steady internet connection and Apple login id and password. The following paragraphs are dedicated to informing our readers regarding the benefits of downloading iCloud for windows and the exact way to perform the same. So let’s get started!

Have A Look At The Benefits Of Downloading iCloud For Windows.


  • With iCloud photos on your pc, you can safely store and download your photos on your pc. Also, new photos and videos on your pc can be uploaded to be accessed from other devices too.

  • The download will also enable the user to keep iCloud mail, contacts, calendars, and reminders updated among iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and pc.

  • Provides with the provision to update your iCloud preferences, see the amount of iCloud storage you have been using, delete few items to free up the storage space and also update your storage plan whenever you wish to.

  • Easily access your documents with the iCloud drive on your pc.Simply drag your documents into the iCloud drive folder on your pc and easily access them at any given time and on any device.

Learn To Download iCloud For Windows.

Learn-To-Download-iCloud-For-Windows Learn The Easy Procedure To Download iCloud On Your Windows Computer

If you are using a mix of iOs device and Windows computer, we have jotted down a helpful guide for you to set up your iCloud on your windows computer. Read on!

  • First of all download Icloud for windows from Apple’s official website.

  • After following the instructions to install the package, the very first thing to do is to sign in. To sign in, use the same Apple ID and username that you use in other Apple devices.

  • Now in this step, choose what you would like to sync in your Windows computer by checking on the relevant boxes and clicking on the “Apply” link.

  • Now in order to add iCloud files to Quick Access Panel, follow the below steps.

      1. By default settings, your iCloud default folder will be present in your main user          folder.Navigate to the director’s location in File Explorer.
      2. Now look for the “iCloud drive “ folder and right click on it.
      3. As a continuation to the last step, select “Pin to quick access” among the options provided. This will then provide a shortcut in the left-hand pane in file explorer.


Hope the motto of our article to inform the readers about the easy download and setup of iCloud for Windows gets fulfilled and the users get benefitted through this short writeup. For all the tech savvy people out there, keep checking out this space for more such technology related articles.

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