How to Take icloud Photos Backup
how to take icloud photos backup

How to Take icloud Photos Backup

As we know the Apple iCloud Photo Library is the great online Backup Service but we know that every online device and application always needs to sync the data so that it can take the backup of it in the future and that will helps the user for the future data backup. So that the user can data will be prevented all the time and So that the user can access the data whenever the user wants.In this article, we are going to discuss that how can the user take the iCloud photos backup very easily.


Apple provides the services the user of the iCloud Photo Library service that works flawlessly to sync and after make a backup of the images and the video to the iCloud and but if the user is serious then user can keep  the valuable photos and videos that are safe for the users and there will be proper icloud photos backup is to be made by the users.


The user has the option of that the user can take the form and  take the local backup on their own drive or the external drive and a secondary online backup or both if the user wants and there are many options by the user can take the backup and access icloud photos on pc these all process are very easy and we will explain these in the best way.

1.How the user can take the backup the iCloud Photos from library for the Mac’s Hard Drive.

2.How the user can take the backup of the ICloud photo library content to the external drive method.

3. How can the user make an online Backup with the iCloud photo library methods?

These are the methods by which the user can make the backup of the iCloud photos library very easily and that will be the option for the users.

In all these methods there is the best way to backup icloud photos & images and the video in the iCloud photo library that is to make sure that the user is downloading all the content into the mac.

These are the process of the ICloud photos backup:-

1.First thing is that the user should launch the Photos app on the user Mac to know more about how to access icloud photos on mac visit and follow 


2.Now users should click the photos in the App menu that are shown on the upper left corner of the screen of the mac screen.

3.Now the user has to select the Preferences from the Drop-Down menu.

4. Now the user should click on the iCloud tab menu in that option.


5.Finally, the user has to click on the Download Originals to this Mac option.

Backup the iCloud Photos library

If the user has turned on the option of the Download Originals option for the photos library but the user does not want to icloud photos backup automatically then the user can always copy the photos library to the external drive at regular intervals.

1.Now the user should connect the external drive to the Mac with the help of the USB, USB C, and the Thunderbolt.

2.Now the user should open a new Finder window on your Mac.

3. Go the user and after that enter the username and then pictures.

4. Now the user should drag the Photos library to the external Drive.

5.Now the user has to wait for the Copy 

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