How to Recover Lost iCloud Password From iPhone/iPad?
How to Recover Lost iCloud Password From iPhone iPad

How to Recover Lost iCloud Password From iPhone/iPad?

Apple Inc. a multinational technology brand headquartered in California, The United States was founded on April 1, 1976, by the combined efforts of its three founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Innovative, customer friendly, easy to access products and great marketing strategies are some of the many reasons that have fetched a good market share for the brand. The company sells a huge range of hardware products such as iPhone mobiles, iPads, iPods, Apple tv, watches including the application software, accessories, and services through their retail and online outlets.

Icloud, one of the beneficial features that the brand provides in its products and the topic of our article, has simplified the user’s access to their Apple devices i.e. “how to recover icloud password”. With this feature enabled in your device, you can access your data anywhere on any Apple enabled device or a regular Windows computer with the only prerequisites being a steady internet connection and Apple login id and password. Any data or a folder that you save in the cloud gets automatically synced to the users’ other Apple devices.  Now talking about the factor that concerns a user the most, the storage capacity! Icloud service provides a free 5 GB storage capacity after which a user has to monthly pay for extra storage, as rs 75 for 50GB, rs 219 for 200GB and rs 749for 2TB, the maximum storage capacity the company provides. The iCloud files can be accessed through “Finder” on the mac device by Apple, “Files app” on ios and “File Explorer “ or for Windows PCs. filling up the iCloud storage with the unwanted data that you no longer require. However, the iCloud service provides you 30 days time period of data retrieval in case a user inadvertently delete important data. Icloud photo library, a key element of the iCloud feature which enables the user to store the media like pictures and videos taken through Apple products as iPhone or iPad. In order to keep your cherished photos and videos safe, you can upload them to the iCloud photo library by syncing your ios devices to the same. Now imagine what if you for forgot or Lost your iCloud email password? Fret not, we have come up with not one but four easy ways to perform solutions to recover icloud password . Read on!

Recover iCloud Password Through iPhone or iPad:

recover-icloud-password-through-iphone-or-ipad-768x384 How to Recover Lost iCloud Password From iPhone/iPad?

Follow the instructions below to recover your iCloud email password via iPhone or iPad.

  • As the first step go to the “Settings” option and tap “iCloud”.
  • Now in the iCloud fill in your email address and click on the statement “Forgot Apple ID or Password?” at the bottom of the page.
  • As the next step enter your Apple id and click on “Next”.
  • Now you would be asked the answers for the security questions that you had put up during the setting up of iCloud account. Answer them carefully and proceed.
  • As the last step, you can now reset your new icloud password and finish the process.

Recover iCloud Account with “My Apple ID”

Recover-iCloud-Account-with-My-Apple-ID-1024x525 How to Recover Lost iCloud Password From iPhone/iPad?

Second way to recover your iCloud email password is by logging into Apple’s “My Apple ID page”.

  • Go to the official Apple page by typing on your browser.
  • On the page click on Forgot id or password?” displayed at the bottom of the page and hit “Next”.
  • No on the next screen, you will be asked to select your “Authentication method”. You can either choose to answer security questions or you can choose “Email authentication” through which Apple will send you a link in the message stating “How to reset your Apple id password”. After following the instructions of the link click “Next”.
  • Now enter a new password that you wish to set and click on “Reset password”.

Recover iCloud Account Password Through the 2-Factor Authentication:

Recover-iCloud-Account-Password-Through-the-2-Factor-Authentication-1024x685 How to Recover Lost iCloud Password From iPhone/iPad?

The only prerequisite to be able to reset your iCloud email password through this method is that you should have already enabled “Two-factor authentication” on your account. Follow these simple to perform steps:

  • Go to on your browser.
  • Now enter your existing Apple ID.
  • As the third step, you will be given two ways to recover your password, either through your phone number or the other being through a trusted device.

In case you opt for “Use trusted phone number”.You will receive a notification on your phone number. Follow the steps provided to reset your password.

In case you opt for “Reset from another device”, you will have to follow the chain of instructions as Settings>iCloud from your trusted Apple device. Thereafter select Password and Security>Change password. Enter your new password here and you are done with the process!

Recover your iCloud Password Using the Older Security Method of “Two-step Verification”:

This is the fourth and the last method that we have jotted down in order to help our reader in recovering their iCloud password. Follow the aforementioned steps carefully.

  • Go to on your browser.
  • As would be asked of you, enter your recovery key. In case you forgot your recovery key, it can be retrieved and created again through your Apple ID. To obtain the same, click on “Lost your Recovery key?” and you will be provided an appropriate solution for the same.
  • As a next step, choose a trusted device on which Apple will send a verification code.
  • Now carefully type the verification code you received from Apple and set a new password and click on “Reset password” button and you are done with the process.

Hope our endeavor to inform and assist our readers about the effective ways to recover iCloud email password comes to your best use. For any further assistance on the same, you can always contact the professional by logging on to their official website, the link of which is already mentioned in the article.

Write in to us for more suggestions on the tech topics you want us to come up with. Keep reading this space for more such tech related writeups.

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